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Setting up MantisBT on IIS 7 w/ SQL Server
This post contains a guide on setting up Mantis BugTracker on IIS 7 with SQL Server as the database.
Debugging a Memory Leak in Silverlight 4
Less of a how-to for this post and more of a story about how I tracked down a memory leak issue in Silverlight 4
Update Silverlight TextBox Binding Source OnChange
A workaround for having functionality similar to WPF's UpdateSourceTrigger.PropertyChanged on a TextBox in Silverlight.
Binding to WebContext.Current in XAML
A XAML samlple of how to take advantage of the WebContext.Current object that is added to the ResourceDictionary as part of the RIA Services Business App templates in Visual Studio.
Stored Procedures with Entity Framework 4 and RIA Services
After using WCF RIA Service with EF 4 for a while I thought I would detail how to consume Stored Procedures as it's not always straight forward.