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I’ve been using WCF RIA-Services to pass data retrieved via Stored Procedure/EF 4 to a Silverlight 4 application. The system is based on an existing system and a lot of the legwork is already done in Stored Procedures so I was required to re-use them. To start with, I imported my stored procedures to my […]

I added a new method to my Domain Service today that has the signature: public string[] GetSomething(string param1) When I tried to compile this I got the following error, without any line or column information in Visual Studio’s Error List: Type ‘String’ is not a valid entity type. Entity types cannot be a primitive type […]

In my previous post I wrote about overriding the LinqToEntitiesDomainService.CreateObjectContext() method to dynamically set the connection string for the used by the domain service. I realised that I would be using this in a couple of different services in my current project and potentially use it in the future so I wrote a generic abstract […]

The Problem One of the requirements for a Silverlight 4/WCF RIA Service application that I am working on is that the connection string is stored encrypted within the web.config file. This left me with the problem that I would need to somehow unencrypt the connection string and manually set it before any database interaction was […]